1965: Hytotechniki is founded and produces signs

1969: Mr Panagiotis Zoubouloglou, sensing more opportunities of evolution, bought the first die-casting machine, and company started producing die-casts of Aluminium, Zinc and bras products.

1974: After a few moves to different locations, the company has moved to it’s own current facilities.

1979: Mr. P. Zoubouloglou decided to start production of aluminium system accessories, judging that the company could serve well in this sector.

1981: Hytotechniki changes to new legal form, since than it is an S.A. company.

1986: Aluminium railing system from Hytotechniki s.a. is available to the market.

2001: ACCESS branded products begin entering the market, ACCESS is used for accessories for aluminium systems series of products.